Back to School, Back to Work

summer-we'll-miss-youBack to School

By now, most if not all of the kids in your area have headed back to classroom life: stuffing homework into backpacks, lollygagging on the way out the door, complaining about homework (too much or too little), and bringing home the petrie-dish culmination of seasonal germs to share with the family.

Whether or not you’re a parent, you’re feeling the brunt of the renewed season. If you drive a car, you’re always plotting which ways you can take which don’t land you in the middle of a school zone.

Back to Work

This one isn’t just for the teachers who are also heading back to the classroom. Entrepreneurs who are also parents are likely returning to “regularly-scheduled programming:” being able to set up meetings during weekdays, adjusting to an evening schedule of carting kids to extracurriculars, and possibly setting up “home work” side by side with the children each night.  (If you haven’t yet tried this, it can be a great way to replicate a coworking feel while also letting them know they’re not the only one who has to get stuff done.)

For my part, I’m experiencing a bit of a hybrid of back to school-and-work…

Back to the Office

I’ve now worked on my business, Really Social, for a little over two years. In that time, I’ve been afforded ample opportunities to build it into something profitable and reputable. With immense support from my family, friends, and peers, the journey has been fulfilling as well as educational (sprinkled with a bit of hysteria from time to time).

One thing about journeys: they hold new directions which are wholly unplanned yet can be taken with confidence if the right decision is made. Recently, through recognizing that our household had our own deadline for what would be needed to sustain the status quo (i.e. keep our house), I had the choice of doubling my business within a few months or returning to the workforce.

After much prayer and working on both efforts, the workforce called… and I answered. I’ll be returning to corporate life on the day after Labor Day (appropriate, right?).

I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead, as well as the opportunities I can still generate through the proverbial “side hustle.” Plus, my kids can certainly relate to how we’re all going back to something!