About CC

Concealer Chronicles is a show and community dedicated to women in charge!

The good, bad, and very real experiences of being a woman today are shared daily in our Facebook Group and weekly through our Facebook Live show. Plus, our podcast shares the experiences of women via iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

The hilarity, hurt, and healing is brought to you in part by female entrepreneur, wife, mom, and karaoke addict Rachel Moore.

How It Started

Instead of taking us all the way back to the beginnings of humans, let’s start with something a bit more recent.

In 2017, Rachel was reading yet another article about “hustle” shared by yet another man who fearlessly bore the badge of hard work through dark circles under his eyes. As she proceeded to apply concealer the next morning to hide her own, Rachel decided that hiding the experiences of “hustling” as a woman was a complete waste of time. Women are working just as hard as men on whatever they set their mind and will to… why shouldn’t we get real about it?

Thus the Concealer Chronicles was born. (Well, it was labeled, anyway.) In today’s society and times, being honest about the woman’s experience and supporting those stories is more relevant than ever before. Plus, it’s pretty much as good as going to the bathroom in groups: we share, we care, we bare.

Concealer Chronicles isn’t the only women’s community or women’s show out there. (Thank goodness!) But we hope you get something out of it. Please share to #concealerchronicles if you do!