Introducing the Concealer Chronicles Podcast!


From live video to eternal audio, here is the Concealer Chronicles podcast!

In this episode, host Rachel Moore goes solo and goes in on the back-to-school, back-to-work chaos and mayhem. It’s timely for September, for after long holiday breaks, and basically every single Sunday night.

Enjoy this in your earbuds and share with your friends who can relate! Also, if you’re keen to see the live video of these recordings, check out our Facebook Page!

One month until launch!

It’s official! In one month, the Concealer Chronicles will broadcast the very first episode on Wednesday, September 6 at 9pm ET.

Oh, and did you notice the website? It’s ALIVE! That, plus our Facebook Group, Twitter profile, YouTube channel, and I even added Google Analytics.

Yeaaaaah, baby!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are ways you can learn more, get involved, and really make the most of the Concealer Chronicles:

Connect on social

We’re ALIVE on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But anywhere you use the #ConcealerChronicles hashtag, you’ll be a part of what we’re doing – just take a look at our Tagboard!

Watch the show

Starting Wednesday, September 6 at 9pm ET, join us live on the Concealer Chronicles on Facebook! The show will broadcast from Rachel Moore’s Facebook Page, and you can share it with any of your friends.

Apply to be a guest

We’re always seeking women in charge of, well, anything! If you have a topic relating to women in which you’re knowledgeable and would like to share on the show, complete our guest form to get started.

Sponsor the show (Video and/or Podcast)

With a focus on women who are decision makers and influential in their own specialties and circles, you can see the potential for reaching that audience. We’re already talking to potential partners and sponsors as we line up guests for our first six months. Reach out today to see how we can work together!

Share your own Concealer Chronicles experiences

Every day you experience your own unique challenges, successes, and moments of being a woman in charge. Share those moments with our community! Simply add the hashtag #concealerchronicles to your social post and you’ll be added to the whole experience. Take a look at our tagboard!